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Product name : 30L large commercial blender
Item : A-30L
Size : 62x38x102cm
G.W : 47.8kgs
QTY/20FT : 
QTY/40HQ : 
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A-30L large commercial blender

*super power,High efficient,making smoothies,juice,etc;
*Super large capacity,can make 30L smoothies wihtin 3-4minutes;
*strong and durable product,fit for military use;
Imported the special SUS#440 bearing with steel ball, 
I t is able to resist not only the erosion of the acid and the alkali, but also the mustiness.
The axle seal adopts the Teflon gasket, which is durable, corrosion resistant, and water-tight.
Its hard cutter is sharp, durable and unbreakable.
The inner part of the machine adopts the Draw and Drainage Structure, which can prevent the condensate water becoming water and cause malfunction by eroding the inner parts;
use for fruit and vegetable juice extractor
30L juicer

2200W power motor,2800RPM. much more stonger than normal 1500W,1500RPM one.

Modified blades group.

Safety package

Package size:66.5x66.5x108.5CM

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